As you place the golf ball on the tee, your heart crawls up into your throat and sticks there. Your back burns as you feel the audience watching you.

Just don’t hook, you beg, glancing at the green more than 100 yards away. Fly straight.

You address the ball, wind into a backswing and say one last prayer to the gods of golf. Then you uncoil.

As soon as the clubhead hits the ball, you know something’s gone wrong. You watch in growing despair as it rises and hooks sharply to the left. Despite all of your pleas, it manages to sail right into the water hazard.

The ball sinks. With it go all of your hopes of winning the match.

If this sounds like a normal golf game for you, then you’ve come to the right place. My Golf Swing is here to help you eliminate bad habits, improve your technique and defeat golf nerves once and for all.

Identify Your Weaknesses

Perhaps you have a persistent hook, like in the example above. Maybe you have a seemingly incurable slice. Maybe the ball goes a different direction every time—just never the one you want it to go in.

The first step to improving in anything is to figure out where your weaknesses lie. Here, you can discover everything from where you go wrong in your drive to why you keep three-putting. I’ll walk you through identifying and fixing your problems.

Strengthen Your Golfing Skills

Some golfers never seem to win, despite having an excellent grasp of the basics. Some can send the ball flying straight as an arrow but never get enough distance to land on the green. Others win consistently … until they have to play on a windy day.

Golfing takes practice. Every aspect of your golf swing influences your performance. We’ll talk about technique in detail, from improving iron play to shifting your weight at the perfect time during your swing.

Of course, playing well takes more than good technique. It’s also important to have the right strategies for getting to the green and playing in adverse conditions.

Sharpen Your Mental Game

You might have perfect technique on the practice range, but if your nerves get the better of you every time you step onto the course, that doesn’t matter. You have to be able to keep your cool—otherwise, those carefully practiced swings could become wildly unpredictable.

Mastering some basic golf Zen will help you keep your game consistent. You can learn to shake off the pressure even when a crowd is watching your every move. Do that and you may very well establish yourself as a serious contender in tournaments.

You don’t have to settle for a high handicap. Take a stroll around the course and start becoming a better golfer today!

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